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Lisas Santosh Chacko (Karanee Marine)
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Regarding Purchase of Scrap Vessel for Sale
Scrap Ship owner / Seller,
We are dealing only with scrap vessels with engine in good working condition.
Our requirement is about 10 vessels per month apx total monthly requirement of LDT is 1.8M MT.
FYI, We go through the initial deposit of 10%-15% through our UK office in escrow account and the rest by LC and later bring the vessel to India West coast anchor point and clear the payment upon delivery.
We will need the following documents for suitability, authencity and valuation of the vessel in market for our clients.
LOIPicturesLast Inspection Report if available.Certificate of registrationSafety Management certificateShips Ownership Certificate copy.Authorization for sell (if Any)Proof of LDT from stability book, 1 pageLDT in MT / LTRate per LDT in MT / LTDemo questionnaire for other vessels
Depending on viability of valuation in present market will sign the agreement. Rest procedure as mentioned on top.
Looking forward for a long term business relationship for Mutual benefit.
Thanks & Regards
Santosh Chacko
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