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DWT 3000...6000
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P/E for GC/MPP, BLT 90-99, GRD (Cranes) GC 1990 - 2000 blt DRY-CARGO DWT 3000 - 6000 MT
Dear Friends & colleagues,
Good day & week,
Direct from first class close Buyers for whom we have acted repeatedly & recently,
Now seriously looking for GC/ MPP asf:
DWT 3000 - 6000 MT
BLT 1990 - 2000
BOXED - try semi-boxed/ Non
GEARED (Cranes imperative)
Delivery WW
Pls propose firm priced tonnages, P&C Candidates will be respected and treated as such.
Best regards
Ahmad Jaohar
S&P - Chartering
United JMT Shipbrokers
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